Alternate Front cover removal
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These steps were supplied by David. This may be a safer way of removing the front cover to keep scratches to a minimum.

"After removing the Spring from a regular clothes peg

you will have two suitably sized wedges that are hard enough to be strong, and yet soft enough to prevent scratches to the plastic casing.

After releasing only one Catch at the bottom corner of the CPU front cover, pull the released corner away from the main casing just far enough so that the tapered end of one peg wedge can be placed between (to keep the catch open).

The tapered end of the other peg wedge should then be pushed between the CPU front cover and the main casing at the level of the small ventilation holes. In one action, firmly lever the front cover forward, and then firmly push the front cover away from the main casing. As soon as the edge rides up over the retaining clip, repeat the procedure at the level of the upper retaining clip (approximately level with the infrared eye).

Now that one side has been fully released, the corner Catch on the other bottom corner can be released. After releasing this catch, firmly pull this corner of the front cover away from the main casing. TAKE CARE - after an initial reluctance to move, the front cover will JUMP OFF after the edge has cleared the retaining clips!

No screwdrivers - no scratches!

A wooden peg wedge was also useful for levering out the nylon Power connector of the IDE HD without damage.

I hope that all my information has been of some use to you.
Sincerely, David"

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